Editor-in-Chief: Cary Chapman


Cary Chapman emerged as a fully-formed adult woman from a Venus fly trap shortly before joining Jester. To those who would compare her to a half-digested insect and the Roman goddess of love alike, Cary would vehemently assert her status as a human being.


Managing Editor: Lily Whiteman


Queen of the Long Distance Booty Call, Master of Emotional Jiu-Jitsu, and dabbler in atheistic fist bumps. In her free time, Lily spends long, late nights drinking tea and whiskey, and after each eternity of mornings after, she drags herself up to her turret tower room and hunkers in the gloom and smell of molding coffee and cigarettes to practice her only solace: writing for Jester Magazine.  

Secretary: Henrietta Steventon


Polite. Intense. Smart. Really Intimidating.

Staff Writer: Supriya Ambwani



Staff Writer: Charlotte de Anda


Charlotte Marie Louise de Anda: four names, one eyebrow (don’t ask).
Staff Writer: Michelle Goff

Michelle Goff has been around now for several hundreds of years, much to the dismay of the many people who have tried to get rid of her. Whether she is a superhuman or a monster remains a question of intense debate, but Michelle would like to apologize most sincerely for that one situation when she almost brought about the end of the world. She now spends her time on more calming activities and releases her inner rage by writing for the Jester.

Treasurer: Catherina Gioino aka Cat


Lost Cat! Last seen in the deep bowels of underground discotecs. If found, please ignore all her sexual advances and incredibly dull jokes and return to said deep bowels.