Editor-in-Chief: Catherina Gioino aka Cat

Lost Cat! Last seen in the deep bowels of underground discotecs. If found, please ignore all her sexual advances and incredibly dull jokes and return to said deep bowels.
Editor in Chief: Ethan Widell
unnamed (2)

Ethan Widell has net-negative value. When He’s not busy detracting from Jester and other institution, He enjoys dampening the positive experiences of His friends, family, and peers.

Treasurer: Michelle Goff

Michelle Goff has been around now for several hundreds of years, much to the dismay of the many people who have tried to get rid of her. Whether she is a superhuman or a monster remains a question of intense debate, but Michelle would like to apologize most sincerely for that one situation when she almost brought about the end of the world. She now spends her time on more calming activities and releases her inner rage by writing for the Jester.

Staff Writer: Mark Prusakowski


Mark is feeling sad 😦 today

Staff Writer: Andrew Schur 


Andrew Schur has been playing music to remain sane for some years now, and has recently employed The Jester as an outlet to express what can’t be said in Lit Hum. All of his friends happen to be Indian and his specialties involves concealing hickies and figuring out how to get fruit out of John Jay. His most recent crusade involves boycotting the John Jay elevators despite the fact that he lives on the 15th floor.


 Staff Writer: Shiv Patil


Shiv enjoys getting bullied for his name, eating bread, and watching 10 hour loops on Youtube.





Editor-in-Chief: Supriya Ambwani




Staff Writer: Henrietta Steventon


Polite. Intense. Smart. Really Intimidating.


Staff Writer: Tanmay Khandelwal 

The name is Tanmay, 10 May.

An Indian doing engineering. Must we say more?