Welcome to Jester online where you can have all the fun of a real magazine without any of the guilt of contributing to the ever quickening destruction of the planet we’re living on. Well, besides the electricity powering your screen and the server farm powering your internet access, which in turn are most likely powered by fossil fuels. But hey, at least it’s paperless!

You can find more information about us under the “More” tab, check out our weekly online issues under “The Weekly,” or peruse our previous print issues in the “Archives.” It might seem like an exaggeration to say that Jester is the only publication at Columbia worth reading, so we won’t say that. Instead, we’ll let these testimonials speak for us.

“I saw the best minds of my generation destroyed by madness, starving hysterical naked; but then we put on some clothes, grabbed a bite of JJ’s, and joined Jester!”
–Allen Ginsberg, Jester member 1944-1948

undoubtedly a magazine…published at Columbia…”
The New Yorker 

“I hate this magazine!”
Donald Trump, politician/entertainer