Same Sandwich Everyday at Milano’s

Shreyas Manohar | 

Here is Shreyas Manohar reading out an excerpt from the story live at the New York edition of Sunday Salon, an annual prose-reading series. The reading was at Von Bar at 3 Bleecker St.

Have you ever had the M6 at Milano’s? The M6 has eggplant, roasted red and green peppers, caramelized onions, melted gruyere, tomatoes, toasted rosemary focaccia, hummus, herb mayo, the feeling of trying to walk for the first time and falling gently into your mother’s accepting arms, the invincible sensation of feeling like a prince sitting tall on your father’s responsible shoulders high above the ground, the tenderness of an overexcited puppy running towards you yapping unintelligibly and not unintelligently, the whisper of the breeze from the flapping of your wings as you fly out of your self-imposed cage you locked yourself in to flee from the burdening accountability of freedom, the cowardly sinisterness of wishing to dethrone the tyrannical ruler instead of decapitating him, the nausea from being swept away by not intuitions but institutions, the itch of wanting to measure the size of your dong with a ruler and tattoo the inflated results on your forehead, the empty, deflated cushioning from holding life in great esteem, the delicious irony in thinking you’re good and moral with the bitter self-deception of your own complicity in everything you stand against, the pragmatic unawareness of knowing you can’t stand for anything because you’re lying down comfortably on your memory foam oppressing everything underneath before forgetting it all for your beauty sleep, and avocado.

Shreyas Manohar is a graduating senior at Columbia majoring in English and Creative Writing. He is working on a collection of short-stories and does stand-up comedy in New York and Mumbai. For any clarifying questions about the M6, he can be reached at