Datamatch at Columbia

We’re smart.

But we’re also tired, stressed, sleep-deprived, overly caffeinated, horny lil buggers.

So we came up with the perfect solution for all of our problems as mildly antisocial Ivy League geniuses.

We took an idea from Harvard.

The dev team from Harvard’s Datamatch teamed up with Jester of Columbia to make this new (for our campus at least) dating app. It’s geared towards Columbia students, featuring all of life’s daily pursuits, like “Which Columbia administrator would you make sweet love to?” and “What kind of frat God would you make sweet love to?” Have we mentioned the answer to both is James McShane?

Check it out and don’t forget to sign in any time from February 7 to the 13 to take the quick five minute survey. And on February 14 (awwww) you’ll be matched with at least three students who share like values.

All you have to do is sign up with your Columbia or Barnard emails, answer a variety of pertinent questions meant to spice things up, and lay it all down (or on hahahaahhahaah :P) for that/those special someone(s).