Which is Better: Nazis or Rape?

Euslace Wiley 

It’s a tricky question, and one that we at Jester have worked hard over our many years of life to answer. It’s tricky, because people who love being Nazis are also usually ardent supporters of rape* as well, and it is truly hard to choose between two such wholesome criteria.

At Jester, we approached a certain SG on Columbia’s Campus to get her feelings. However, she was unable to comment, so we simply heard a word from her representative: “SG feels very strongly about both Nazis and rape. She believes that the world is too hard on rapists and would like to support them and help them thrive here on campus. Yet recent events have also pushed her very strongly toward Nazis, and she has vowed to work tirelessly to defend their freedom of speech here on campus, since she does not understand why anyone would perceive Nazi ideals as problematic. Thus, SG has declined answering this question; she wouldn’t want to choose, as this could lose her the strong coalition of support she receives from both Nazis and rapists.”


*Disclaimer: Jester is not saying that Nazis are the only people who can be rapists. We fully acknowledge that there are too many rapists and or rapey-individuals to make such a generalization.