Columbia Trifled Me

Trifling is something that is unimportant or of no consequence or use. An apt example of this is a Bachelors Degree from Columbia University in the City of New York, Superior Ivy League School.
The biggest reason for the unworthiness of this degree is the amount of bull that you as a Columbia student learn. You learn Renaissance Paintings and read the very late Plato but have no idea on how to eat at a table where you don’t have to stand in line for food. You can talk intellectual stuff that pleases the Vice Presidents but you have no idea how to become one. That is a job that only goes to the hard working, well qualified, Ivy League Cornell graduates.
After spending $ 200K, a very large sum of other currencies such as that of Somalia (2485884948039948399039494 Somali Dollar), you practically learn nothing that you can’t sit at home. The profs in Chem and Physics and Maths for that matter are no better than an oratory version of the book, almost like someone has imprinted the textbook in their head and they are forced to repeat the same 3 hrs every week to a class of mentally disturbed and snoring students, semester after semester after semester.
Put that aside, look at the clubs. I have got a better way of saying this but tbh most of the clubs are ***SHIT***. You need to fill a thousand applications, go to a hundred interviews, and face a dreary looking panel of judges who judge your worthiness based on how well you can explain to them your “intense motivation and desire” to join their “esteemed” society in 12 mins and 22 seconds.
And what do these clubs teach you? Nothing, absolutely nothing. They fuck you over. You think that by joining clubs, you become cool, in reality, you are just an event manager, doing nothing better than placing and picking chairs all the time, or pleading/begging with someone on the phone to give you and the Columbia community 1 hr of their “Valued Time”. Well, this all is true, except for the Jester, of course, the one club that makes you laugh, meet the best people and more importantly get in without an interview or 32 long and short essays on your life story.
So what does Columbia give you? Jobs and Internships? Seriously ? Have you ever gone to a career fair, the most intensely competitive yet cheating place in the whole wide world? Be a freshman and go to Morgan or Goldman or KPMG and let’s see if they give you a dingle of their time. They treat you like the underprivileged herd you are, even your impressive resume with “International Medals” means way less than the Seniors 2 GPA. And even these seniors, do they really get jobs? I bet not. Even the most extreme of mathematical calculations will tell you that you will remain under the burden of debt your whole life. Columbia again, screwing you not for 4 or 6 years but forever.
So want mine and Uncle Sam’s advice, don’t go to college, especially Columbia. Follow your entrepreneurial pursuits, do stuff that shines out and makes you different. Take the money that you would spend trying to torture yourself through a Columbia University degree and blow it in a StartUp, you got a one out of billion chance to become a billionaire. Apple was started with money Steve took from his mom! Jeff Bezos and Co. began with $40,000! Hewlett and Packard were initiated for $538! I’m sure that your $200,000 and your New York Office and your polished essay writing skills would go a long way. Who knows, you might make the trillion dollar company. God be with you when you face your mum though.