Pros and Cons of the Sweet Life

Disclaimer: We aren’t allowed to use the term “suite life” because that’s already been taken by Zach and Cody, but we found it relevant to write an article about housing since it is looming in at least some of our futures.

You see, there’s always a debate this time of year about suite-style versus corridor-style, and it can be hard to wade through the masses of opinions and make the best choice for you personally. Thus, Jester is here to help (as always) and compile a list of the most important opinions for you to consider.

“I love suite style, because my best friends Barry and Shelly can’t hide from me, and they have to hang out with me, because we pass each other every day,” said senior Boe Jiden.

“I think I’m going to stick with corridor style,” replied Pike Mence. “I feel uncomfortable around some of the people I live with, and want to be able to sneak out without them seeing me.”

Trelania Mump, an incoming freshman, agreed with Mence. “Corridor style makes it easier to get a single room. And the only thing I want more than to go back home right now is to live the single life.”

Well, there you have it, friends. The most important opinions about whether it’s better to live in the corridor or to enjoy the sweet life!

By: Michelle Goff