Saying goodbye to your “amore” is hard under any circumstances, but it’s especially rough when your rebound really sucks and you see your old boyfriend out living the single life and totally doing fine.

Jester contacted M. Erica Izded, who goes by Erica, to discuss how she was feeling about her recent breakup with her wildly successful, smart, and handsome former boyfriend Barry. Erica told Jester, “it’s just so hard. I still can’t believe we broke up. We were together for eight years! Who just leaves someone after eight years? I mean, I know I said I wanted to see other people, but when I said that I mean, I didn’t think Donny would be my only option, you know?”

When asked how she felt about Donny, Erica rolled her eyes in disgust. “I thought this was what I wanted. But he’s so disgusting. I just hope we don’t have to be together for much longer.” (Disclaimer: Erica has a really hard time being single.)

“Being single isn’t even a problem for Barry, though. He’s just living it up on vacation. Kite-surfing and drinking from coconuts and acting like he doesn’t know my name. I don’t think he’s even going to think about me on Valentine’s Day.”

She’s probably right. From the pictures she showed Jester, it definitely looked like Barry was having way too much fun for Erica. Better make sure you have your significant other locked down for VDay, or you could end up with a douche like Donald!

By: Michelle Goff