Squeaky Clean Room

Like any college student, Jessica’s room was a place where she felt safe, a place where she could go to decompress after a long, hard day. She had always been an introvert, and she loved hiding out in her room and doing homework (or watching Netflix) alone.

So one can only imagine Jessica’s dismay when she waltzed sullenly into her room and was greeted by an unexpected visitor.

“I wasn’t really sure if it was a mice or a rat,” Jessica explained during an interview with Jester, “I was just so terrified, I couldn’t even get a close look.”

Support systems have already gathered to provide Jessica with help during her hour of need. However, Jessica is not sure she can ever get down from her bed.

“I trusted my room,” she reported, shivering intensely, as she is afraid her blanket might be infested with mice, “it was supposed to be my place for quiet reflection, not squeaky reflection. It was supposed to be the place where I could just be myself. Like, literally, have all of myself, all my dirty clothes and food and stuff, just spread out all over the place. But now I have to clean my room. And now I can’t even trust my room to not be free of things it knows freak me out.”

By: Michelle Goff