GroupMe misunderstanding cleared up by Bwog commenter

Earlier this week, students were shocked when screenshots of a wrestling team GroupMe were posted online, revealing evidence of an oppressive, offensive culture which has come into greater light with the election of Donald Trump. Thankfully, an ‘Anonymous’ Bwog commenter has come forward to deal with such misconceptions, explaining that the recently exposed GroupMe messages are a complete misrepresentation of the team members’ characters. ‘Anonymous’ cited numerous occasions where members of the wrestling team had helped elderly ladies to cross the road, argued against the patriarchy in Lit Hum discussions and even hooked up with an ‘objective four’ at a frat party. The Bwog commenter also drew attention to the esteemed reputation of the wrestlers in McBain last year, who dominated in the ‘Resident of the Month’ category on a regular basis and were seen as role models in the McBain community. The unnamed Bwog commenter wished to keep their identity a mystery but stated that they are ‘definitely not a member of the wrestling team’, which put an end to all suspicions that the commenter was in fact a member of the wrestling team looking to regain their lost representation. The Columbia community is grateful for clearing up this horrible misunderstanding.

By: Henrietta Steventon