Interest in Space Travel Increases Post-Election

During the past 48 hours, interest in space exploration has reportedly increased dramatically. NASA has received more than 15,000 applications, primarily from millennials, and several current employees have offered to take missions to the moon and to other planets, as well as travel through space in rockets with unperfected technology.

When asked why she is willing to endure a certain death mission, astronaut Angelia Persos said: “If Donald Trump is going to be president, then I might as well die happy, and the only way I can die happy is if I don’t die on the earth that he and his supporters wish to destroy.”

Others voiced similar concerns, and many of the young hopeful applicants expressed a common desire: to stay in space for at least the next four years, and possibly the next eight, only coming back to Earth once the orange president is out of power.

Unfortunately, the new administration has voiced no comment on whether or not they will continue to fund space exploration. Given their lack of interest in scientific research and lack of concern for climate change, this outcome seems unlikely. In short, we better get into space while we still can!

By: Michelle Goff