Missed Connections: To Yiddish Speaking Guy From the Party in McBain

You had me at העלא!!!!! The moment I heard you that good spittin that sensual good

yid, Waterfalls by TLC s started blasting in my head. I would love to meet up

sometime soon, but I have to be honest, I do have some disturbing news to share

aswell. I have received confirmation that what I thought to be a mere pimple is in

fact a cold sore, which was explained to me by a medical profesional to be herpes of

the lip. I was horrified when given the diagnosis, but the only responsible thing to do

is to be forward with anyone I may have been in contact with. I recall that you were

in on the blunt that was being passed around that night. So I am reaching out to

everyone who took even one hit to get tested immediately! But once you get that

taken care of, we def should meet up. Lets just say, im in to all types of stuff, Im

talking 50 shades type shit. HMU!!! (212-867- 5309)

By Anonymous