Sherry O’Connor Took My Idea

I’m coming after you Sherry. Who do you think you are? You asked me what I thought about last night’s reading for class and then you shared it when asked by the professor.

As if you could even summon any kind of common sense with that brain of yours. You stole my answer, and worst of all, made me out a buffoon. You saw me raise my hand, and just because you sit in front of the teacher, she chose you first.

Who do you think you’re kidding with that answer? Professor Fosile knows you aren’t capable of that kind of inferring as I so plainly laid out for you. She knows deep inside you’re still talking about the Bible on freshman level. THIS IS CC SHERRY, WE’RE DONE WITH GENESIS, GET IT THROUGH YOUR HEAD!

And when Fosile turned to me, what was I to do? Sit there and act silently for you to get the last laugh?

NO! Of course not. How dare you even contemplate such an idiotic move. No. Instead I spoke about the laws, how we can’t steal from others. Gosh Sherry, did you even read the book?

Obviously not. Don’t you think that I’ll forget this. Because I won’t. Oh don’t you worry. I know exactly where to find you, where to get you. You might think you won this round, but oh man oh man, did I sure show you in the online post. I remember last time you said exactly what I wrote about in my post in class discussion, but I didn’t think much of it. I figured we just had the same thoughts about the piece and we were sharing likeminded ideas.

And that’s when I decided to write my post after class. Sure I might seem a little less intelligent in the eyes of Fosile since I might take what others say in class and bring it into my post, but hey, just to show you to stop. And that’s the same time when you stopped saying the things I wrote about. Odd, I didn’t know why but I didn’t think much about it.

Until now. Woah Sherry, you messed with the wrong CC class, and the wrong type A student. You’re gonna regret ever talking to me, ever asking me about my thoughts on the Bible.

Sure, Fosile said your response wasn’t well thought out, but I bet if I said it, she would have loved it. Because you don’t have the same articulation I possess, you have yet to grasp the meaning behind the words I use. I say ubiquitous, you correct me and say ominous, I tell you to write that down in your post, and I’m left with all these lates on my homeworks.

You’re not going to get the last laugh here Sherry. I get it, it’s the Bible, what else is there to discuss that others haven’t already. But do you really think you’re all that, you’re so invincible that you can just laugh and call me insane for thinking that? Do you think that you can ask me what I think and that you can change the words around and change the subject, verb, and object, and get away with it? Do you think you can completely disagree with what I said in class and offer proof against my point and have Fosile tell you that’s logical?

Well, technically, yes, you did that in class. But never will I let you make a fool of me. Now, tell me, what did you think of Homer?

By: Cat Gioino