6 Pumpkin DIYs to Make This Halloween Extra Spooky

  1. Cut two pumpkins in half and then switch the tops! Major #FrankensteinVibes

  2. Hollow out your pumpkin and fill it with blood. When a child comes to trick or treat and knocks it over, the blood will spill everywhere! #ArterialFun

  3. Instead of putting a candle inside a pumpkin, just set the pumpkin on fire! #WarmAndCozy

  4. The whole baby-in-a-pumpkin photoshoot is so old! Spice it up by putting smaller pumpkins on your baby’s hands, feet, and head! #BabysFirstHalloween

  5. For a fashion-forward holiday statement, dangle mini pumpkins from your earrings! Works amazing with nipple piercings too. #StretchThatCartilage

  6. When your pumpkins begin to rot, just stick them in the freezer, and they’ll be as good as new next year! #FallSavings

By: Charlotte de Anda