Breaking News: Kanye West Publishes his own Coffee Table Book

Following in the footsteps of his wife, Kanye West has released his own coffee table photobook. Kim’s book was titled Selfish, and was a composition of different “selfies”. Kanye has decided to go with an even more riskè concept in his photobook, as it is titled Dickish, and is composed of entirely of dick pics Kanye has collected of himself over time. The release of the project has garnered much controversy, as many have questioned if he has crossed the line into pornography. Kanye has issued a response to that exact question stating: “Its art… beautiful art. Yeah it’s sexual in nature, shit its practically Viagra in book form, but art is suppose to make you feel shit inside. So ya’ll are welcome.” Kanye took the pictures in a wide variety of locations, utilizing different lighting, effect and differing room temperatures. When asked if he had a favorite piece he responded: “Definitely has to be the one I took in a taco bell bathroom, with sepia. Crazy part is, I wasn’t even planning on taking a dick pic, I sat down to take a shit, looked down, and it came to me, I thought wow my dick would look great in sepia from this angle, sure enough it was a masterpiece, a modern day Mona Lisa.” He went on to defend his work to the critics by stating, “Not everyone is going to get it, that’s how it goes for most genius’ works… but by the time the reader is finished flipping through my book, they will know my dick better then their own or their partner’s, and that’s greatness.” Despite all of the negative press, Dickish has climbed up the New York Times bestseller list.

By: Ovie Lattimore