Short Lived #cocksoutforcecil Campaign Falls Flaccid with Law Enforcement


A man has been apprehended for indecent exposure after his self-perpetuated #cocksoutforcecil campaign was not received well by local law enforcement officers. Jerek Cho was arrested outside a Morningside Heights’ McDonalds after exposing himself to a group of passers by. According to witnesses, Cho was ‘pantless, deluded and encouraging pedestrians to join his movement, both metaphorically and literally’. Office Jones, who arrested Mr. Cho after the incident, said that the perpetrator claimed to have been inspired by the recent campaign ‘Dicks out for Harambe’. The officer stated that the NYPD felt there was a clear difference between pulling out one’s genitalia for a much loved gorilla and indecently exposing one’s phallus supposedly ‘in honour’ of a late lion. Officer Jones expressed his personal view that #dicksoutforharambe was a lovely gesture that immortalised the Cincinnati Zoo’s former furry-resident in a playful, commemorative way. However, Jones described the #cocksoutforcecil as ‘inappropriate, sick and quite frankly, repulsive’. Jerek Cho was also found in possession of a number of CDS, featuring what appear to be self-written songs ‘Wangs out for the Whales’ and ‘Boobs out for Bambi’s Mom’. The CDS have been confiscated and Jerek Cho is currently awaiting trial.

By: Henrietta Steventon